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Welcome to our Restaurant

Welcome to AWASH RESTAURANT's website in Geneva. We wish you a pleasant surf and hope to meet you in our place!

The Ethiopian speciality is made up of a traditional pancake-like bread called ENJERA and a sauce containing onions and various spices BERBERE, called WOT. the ENJERA is prepared from flour and served with WOT. It is tasted either with chicken or lamb, beef, or with vegetarians dishes, in particular the red lenses and yellow pea mashed potatoes.

The BERBERE, the Ethiopian paprika, is a combination of various spices, such as green pepper, ginger, cinnamon and garlic. Its characteristic lies in its single, specific preparation to each household, transmitted from one generation to the other. Therefore, the BERBERE of our house gives an original and special flavour to our dishes. Our dishes are thus served on a large plate with a mixture of various sauces of your choice, accompanied by ENJERA. Traditionally, family and friends eat together by cutting out small pieces of ENJERA which will be used to wrap their gulps. The fact of eating on the same dish means traditionally to share and enjoy its meal in conviviality.

Our Special Menus

Every Friday evening

Music and traditional dance of Ethiopia.